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Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Re: Feedback 2 X PCI + ISA or 2 x PCI, with orinoco pcmcia silver problems (Marcio Gomes)
Re: Sad wvlan_cs module parameters (Jean Tourrilhes)
Date: 2000, Sep 30
From: Marcio Gomes Marcio

>   Using Wireless Extensions do help, because they are >per-card. But  at the next reset, you loose.

If I run iwconfig after boot process, it works with first
up card and not works with last up card:

iwconfig ethLASTUP rate XX  ->  Kernel panic
iwconfig ethLASTUP freq XX -> SIOCSIWFREQ: Invalid Argument
iwconfig ethLASTUP sens  XX -> Do not change sensitivity

>   The way to solve this mess is to have card configuration >stored
> *per card*, not globally. This mean duplicate all modules
> parameters in the net_local structure and initialise it from >module
> parameters in wvlan_attach. Then you replace all mention of >module
> parameters in the code with the local version in net_local.
>   My previous inspection in the wvlan_cs code lead me to >beleive
> that it's the only issue with multiple card (no other thing > is
<  global) and that it should work with this fixed (but I've be you confirm that it handles dual cards properly ?

Ok, but i am a poor C programer.

Marcio Gomes

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