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More Same problem, 2 pcmcia cards on one isa adapter (with 2sockets) 

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Re: Question two PCMCIA-ISA adapters (Guillaum Dallaire)
Date: 2000, May 18
From: Raul Elizondo Sato1

i got the same problem, but i got a isa adapter with 2 pcmcia sockets. PCMCIA-HOWTO says to set network.opts as:

case "$ADDRESS" in
  # definition socket 0
  # definition socket 1

but the second one i inserts says:

May 18 03:28:49 xd kernel: eth3: WaveLAN/IEEE, HCF failure: "Error code 131"
May 18 03:28:49 xd cardmgr[7886]: get dev info on socket q failed: No such device

what can i do? (RH 6.2, pcmcia-3.1.8, wavelan2_cs-6.00.tar.gz, hw: ieee802.11 Wavelan Bronze turbo)

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