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Question Interoperability between Farallon SkyLINE and ORiNOCO Cards using "Peer-to-Peer"

Date: 2000, Nov 30
From: Yuji Minegishi mine

Hello, I have a question regarding "Peer-to-Peer" communications using Lucent's ORINOCO card. I can't get it to communicate with Farallon SkyLINE 11Mb (PN473) which is set to "Ad-Hoc" mode. This leads to another question. Why is it that the configuration parameters for "Peer-to-Peer" in the ORINOCO cards different from that of Farallon's configuration paramters for "Ad-Hoc" mode? Farallon (and most Intersil based cards I have tried) usually lets you set a channel in Ad-Hoc mode and the SSID parameter has no effect. However the ORINOCO card doesn't let you set channels and only lets you set an SSID (the default channel seems to be 10 if it doesn't find another "compatible" card running in Peer-to-Peer mode with the same SSID). I tried setting up the Farallon card to channel 10 and I also set the SSID to the same value as the ORINOCO card but nothing happens. Is "Ad-Hoc" in Intersil based cards the same as "Peer-to-Peer" in Lucent based cards? Please help.

By the way, I've tried this with Farallon and SAMSUNG cards and experienced the same results.

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