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News FIX for Lucent's wavelan driver! Now it "works" with TI1225! 

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Re: Warning Problem with TI1225 and Lucent Wavelan (even in 3.1.14) (Alen Salamun)
Date: 2000, Apr 16
From: Alen Salamun ALiEN


David Hinds <> has made a simple hack to Lucent's wavelan driver and now they work!

BUT! If you try to shutdown PCMCIA without removing the card before your machine will hang. I hope this will be fixed soon too!

This is the diff:


<         if ((hcfStatus = hcf_action (lp->hcfCtx, HCF_ACT_INT_ON)) !=
<             HCF_SUCCESS)
<         {
<             goto hcf_failed;
<         }

Remove this lines in wavelan2_cs.c and you are in the business! :)

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1. Disagree This patch doesn't work for me (details inside) by Michael Vasilenko, 2000, Apr 18

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