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Question iwspy on WaveLAN operating at other sub-band frequencies 

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Re: Question Untitled (Jonathan Chan)
Re: News /proc/net/wireless in ad-hoc mode... (Jean Tourrilhes)
Date: 2000, Apr 18
From: Jonathan Chan jchan

Hi Jean,

Thanks for your helpful suggestion as usual...

If iwspy can be used to "spy" on the link layer status of another card, I assume it works when these cards operate on the same sub-band frequency...

I am wondering if the "new generation" iwspy can be used to "spy" on a card working at another sub-band frequency. Of course, this should be done with "minimal" interruptions to the on-going traffic!?

If this cannot be done in ad-hoc mode, could a mobile host be handed over from one Access Point to another even though these Access Points are using different sub-band frequencies??

If it is possible, does it mean that there is a common control channel (at frequency X) in which Access Point or WaveLAN cards send out and detect other's link layer beacons?? OR am I asking too much for a wireles LAN...

Thanks again for any comments...

Cheers, Jonathan

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