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Re: Sad Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE fails with updated firmware (Michael Vasilenko)
Date: 2000, Apr 21
From: Atanu Ghosh atanu

I have seen a similar initialization problem with new Lucent cards which I believe are using version 6.

wvlan_cs: Initialization failed!

So I looked through source wireless/wvlan_cs.c the error occurs in the routine "wvlan_hw_config"

A number of initializations are performed in this function. It wasn't clear which had actually failed. So I recompiled with debugging.

The call that failed was: wvlan_cs: hcf_put_info(0xfc82:0x92a) returned 0xff

From wvlan_mdd.h: #define CFG_FRAGMENTATION_THRH 0xFC82 //[STA] Fragment length for unicast Tx-message

From wvlan_cs.c: rc = wvlan_hw_setthreshold(&local->ifb, frag_threshold, CFG_FRAGMENTATION_THRH);

So I commented out the threshold setting in this routine and the device was correctly initialized.

I had a quick look at the Lucent driver they don't seem to touch this option.


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