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News Wireless Extensions is more than Wavelan or 802.11 

Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Re: Question Changing mode of Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE card?
Date: 2000, Apr 24
From: Jean Tourrilhes jt

	It's perfectly normal...

	The Wireless Extensions is a generic API supporting
all kind of Wireless LANs out there. I designed it to support
802.11 cards, like the Wavelan IEEE, but also HiperLAN, Proxim
OpenAir and a bunch of proprietary cards.
	So, don't be surprised if the Wireless Extensions and
"iwconfig" offer features that don't make sense for 802.11
cards... For example, you can't set the NWID with 802.11
	Another factor is that not all drivers support all the
functionality of the underlying hardware, because it take
effort to code. However, "wvlan_cs" is amongst the most
complete as far as Wireless Extensions goes.

	Now, comming back to the mode : the 802.11
specification defines only 2 modes for stations, ad-hoc and
managed. You could use "auto" to let the driver choose, but
this is not implemented in the Wavelan driver. Master and
Secondary are there to support Proxim Open Air, and Repeater
is designed for the HiperLan standard (no product yet).

	Happy now ?


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