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Sad Also greiving with a Compaq WL200, Has any one made one work?? 

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Re: Question PrismII based card, WLAN device not showing up in ifconfig (Patrick Neill)
Date: 2000, Aug 22
From: harry campigli harryc

I had the same problem as you and found it corrected on a later compile. Try make clean and cat the output to a file or watch the subsequent compiles. It will show up in the messages if it cant find one of the souces of your kernel or pcmcia, or the make configs don't match the installed kernel or pcmcia pakage during compile of wlan-ng. I cant get it to work either but only have 3 minor messages in the compile which dont seem to matter. One is related to scan, I cant remember the details now. The problem now is getting the card to actually work!!

Sorry I cant rememeber exacly how I got arround that one but mines all up except I cant get the cards to talk. No matter what i put in the wlan config.

I have 2 of these cursed compaq cards and wish I could have could have found samsung cards when brought them!! I hear from Mark compaq use the firm ware a bit different. I should have know as Ive been caught with compaq compatibility before.

I would dearly love to hear from any one who has a WL200 on air with linux and get a copy of their config file.

good luck

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