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Sad Welp having 2 ISA cards and 2 Wavelan Cards in one Linux box Don't Work! 

Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, May 17
From: John Savage admin

I have tried and read till blue in the Eyes and there seems to be a severe issue on runing 2 ISA slot cards with 2 Wavelan Turbo cards inserted, When together they switch slots that activate and only one card will configure even tho is shows in the var state that there is two slots: linux-2.2.14]# pcmciastat Socket 0: Lucent Technologies WaveLAN/IEEE Adapter 0 network wvlan_cs 0 wvlan0 Socket 1: empty How Do I get the second slot to configure wvlan1 as the card is in the slot but will not be recognized or configure properly. Thanks and God Bless JohnS

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1. None I don't think this driver supports multiple cards by David Hinds, 2000, May 17
(_ More I think it's right... by Jean Tourrilhes, 2000, May 17
(_ Question Ok next question then how do you switch from the module .... by John Savage, 2000, May 17

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