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None I had same problem, but it's working now (sort of)

Re: Question WebGear/RayLink card installs/ifconfig but no ping (Kelly Murray)
Date: 2000, May 27
From: Greg Mohr gmohr

I have the same cards, and mine was working fine with the RPM version of ray_cs built for Red Hat 6.1. I know I had to make certain to set the ESSID and change the translate setting on the config line to get things to work, but the 6.1 RPM worked like a charm.

Then I upgraded to Red Hat 6.2, and my Aviator quit working. I figured I needed to rebuild the module since the kernel changed, so I downloaded pcmcia-cs-3.1.14 and built it, but I noticed the same thing you did: the card was recognized, and the diagnostics said I could send but not receive. I noticed the config files moved around, so I cut and pasted my config line into config.opts, and then every time I would try to ping, either 0 or at most 1 ping would get through. I ejected the card, started and stopped card services, reinserted the card, and it started working.

Now every time I reboot my laptop with the Aviator in the PC slot, I have to eject it and reinsert it before it will work (and something I still have to restart card services). So something isn't quite right. I'll be happy to investigate further if someone can give me a direction to start looking.

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