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Ok Debugging not compiled into ray_cs module (CS 3.1.15). Fixed

Date: 2000, May 28
From: Cathelijne Hornstra lijn

After compiling and installing the latest (3.1.15) pcmcia-cs, I found in my /var/log/messages that cardmgr couldn't load the ray_cs module:

 cardmgr[3112]: executing: 'modprobe ray_cs pc_debug=0 essid=DUSART hop_dwell=128 beacon_period=256 translate=0'
 cardmgr[3112]: + /lib/modules/2.2.14-12/pcmcia/ray_cs.o: invalid parameter parm_pc_debug
 cardmgr[3112]: + /lib/modules/2.2.14-12/pcmcia/ray_cs.o: insmod /lib/modules/2.2.14-12/pcmcia/ray_cs.o failed
 cardmgr[3112]: + /lib/modules/2.2.14-12/pcmcia/ray_cs.o: insmod ray_cs failed
 cardmgr[3112]: modprobe exited with status 255

Seemed that debugging wasn't compiled in :-(

Not bothered by any knowledge of programming at all, I had a look at the code and found the following lines in pcmcia-cs-3.1.15/wireless/ray_cs.c:


Done some grepping, but didn't find this defined anywhere, so no surprise it doesn't get compiled in.

I then had a look at Corey's sources (version 1.70) and found that he uses a line like this in his file:

   $(MAKE) -C modules MODULES=ray_cs.o CFLAGS="-O2 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Winline -pipe -DRAYLINK_DEBUG=0"

So I ended up changing 3.1.15/wireless/Makefile:




and all worked fine after that.


Cathelijne Hornstra

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1. None It is a bug in the suggested ray_cs options by David Hinds, 2000, May 30
(_ None I tried that, but it didn't work by Cathelijne Hornstra, 2000, May 31
(_ None You might want to try it again by David Hinds, 2000, May 31

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