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Question Cannot set "mode" with iwconfig on WaveLan IEEE 

Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Jun 16
From: viktor safar 4roses

Hi all, here I am again...
So I have tried to use wireless.opts to set some parameters
of WaveLan IEEE runnig with Andys driver and with PCMCIA
driver 3.1.16 from Dave. Everything works fine (freq, essid,
rate etc...) except "mode". I am not able to set this para-
meter, 'cos it looks like not embeded in iwconfig. It is
funny, because in generic example (and all other examples)
of wireless.opts the "mode" parameter is PRESENT !!! Has
anybody tried ever run this script ??? 

If I run iwconfig manually, for example:
iwconfig wvlan1 mode Managed
iwconfig wvlan0 mode Ad-Hoc

iwconfig yells:
invalid argument: mode
and than comes a list of available parameters, of course
without mode...

Is there another special version of iwconfig?

Many thanx for any suggestions...

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1. Question version ? by Jean Tourrilhes, 2000, Jun 16
2. Ok Ooops, yes, this is it! by viktor safar, 2000, Jun 19

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