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Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Re: Question Cannot set "mode" with iwconfig on WaveLan IEEE (viktor safar)
Date: 2000, Jun 19
From: viktor safar 4roses

Im sorry, that was really the "bug" :-) . We used the older version 1.19 of iwconfig. Looks like with 2.0 works it OK. We have successfully set up two WaveLan IEEE adapters, in one linux together with 3Com Etherlink ISA NIC. The goal is to make a multipoint connection between WavePoint and this linux, and than "retranslate" the connection to another hidden place over second WaveLan in Point-to-point mode. So this linux should work as a cheap mediator to place, where we have no direct connection to WavePoint, and in the same time should be connected to LAN. That is why we need to set up one card Managed and one Ad-Hoc. OK. So, we have not yet set up the second ptp path, thouhgt it will be without difficultiess... The next problem is, that this works only on kernel 2.2.x, and not on 2.0.x. We have set up a shaper on aliased ethernet interfaces, which works for us very fine on 2.0.x. Unfortunatelly, on 2.2.x this works not anymore, but this is not a subject of this list...

The next question is the bridgeing. In Andy's man page to wvlan_cs driver we can read: It's currently not possible to use the WaveLAN/IEEE as a bridge (MAC level). This is not a restricton of the driver, the NIC firmware doesn't allow to send out packets with another source MAC address than its own. OK. How works than this on Wavepoint and Ethernet convertor? Both acts as bridge, with IEEE cards...

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