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Re: Sad USB and PCMCIA (ray_cs) hangs (Justin Cormack)
Date: 2000, Jun 20
From: David Hinds <>

My first guess was also going to be a USB problem, until you said that
the Xircom card does not misbehave this way.

If you hear no beeps, that should mean that the lock-up happens before
the ray_cs driver is loaded or the card is configured.  That is odd,
because the pre-beep actions should be the same for all cards, and the
Xircom card should behave the same. 

My Webgear cards normally don't generate any beeps for several seconds
after card insertion, because the cards take several seconds to signal
"ready".  Maybe there is something subtle about how the USB driver
reacts to the timing of the shared interrupt from the CardBus bridge.

It isn't really addressing the problem, but you could try setting:

    PCIC_OPTS="pci_int=0 pci_csc=0"

in /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia to tell the PCMCIA subsystem not to use PCI
interrupts.  I'm not sure if that will do any good with this Ricoh
bridge; some bridges always generate PCI interrupts whether you like
it or not.

To address the real problem, you would need to pin down exactly where
the kernel lockup happens, using the tips in the PCMCIA-HOWTO.

-- Dave

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