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Question Ad-hoc mode 

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Re: Question Can't ping Wavelan/IEEE in ad-hoc mode (Alan Ostroff)
Re: Idea Hum... ad-hoc in config.opts might help... (Jean Tourrilhes)
Date: 2000, Jun 23
From: Alan Ostroff alan

If ad-hoc was correctly initialized, will this allow me to configurate the wvlan0 interface on, say, keeping my ethernet adapter on and be able to ping sucessfully to another ad-hoc wavelan adapter running WIN95? My goal is to get IP Masq going through the Wavelan/IEEE interface. This works fine on the ethernet interface now.

Dave suggested that I have a routing problem, so I configured the wvlan0 interface on another subnet - Is this unecessary with ad-hoc mode?

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None Jean is leading you astray on this one

Re: Question Ad-hoc mode (Alan Ostroff)
Date: 2000, Jun 23
From: David Hinds <>

No, your problem is with routing, not with the selection of ad-hoc
mode.  (that is confirmed by the fact that the interface works fine
with the same wireless settings when you put it on a different subnet)

-- Dave
Ad-hoc mode

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