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Sad didn't work 

Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Re: Question lucent ieee turbo pci adapter (Bob Cohen)
Re: None 3.1.8 can't figure out the interrupt routing (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Jan 31
From: Bob Cohen bonobob

That didn't work. Looks like the minimal set of options necessary to get the wavelan module to load is:

 PCIC_OPTS="pci_int=1 irq_mode=0 pci_csc=1 pci_irq_list=7,7"

With this, the module loads, but again interrupts don't work (both card services, and the driver's interrupts). Also, irq7 seems to be the only one that works. How do you find out what irqs are valid for PCI? If I don't specify pci_irq_list, it doesn't work, so obviously probing isn't working.

This may be a red herring, but my bios has a field "reserve irq5", which allows irq5 to be devoted to "legacy isa devices" (whatever that means). I tried turning this on, and using isa interrupts - this didn't work either.

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1. None Fixed... by David Hinds, 2000, Feb 18

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