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Question Wavelan/Linux cannot talk to Wavelan/Windows 

Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Jul 04
From: Mubashir Cheema cheema

I have got several Cabletron cards working under Linux.  They
talk to other Linux laptops (there is no Access Point).  Now
I am trying to add a Windows laptop in the mix.  I cannot get
the Windows laptop to see any of the other Linux laptops out
there.  On the Linux side I have tried using both the wvlan_cs
and the wvlan2_cs modules but no go, they talk to each other
just fine, but not to the Windows laptop.

On the Windows side I have tried changing the following
configuration options:

- Wireless network name  [Tried blank and tried "home".]
- Station name [Tried blank and tried "laptop4"]

Thats pretty much it.  I was under the impression that the
"Wireless network name" was all that needed changing and
everything else was automatic.

I am using Linux kernel version 2.2.14 and pcmcia version

Any pointers would be greatly apreciated.



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