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Re: Question 2 wavelan2_cs cards in one machine (Wynand Theunissen)
Re: Sad I am having similar problems, and many more also. (R J Delmar)
Date: 2000, Jul 05
From: Wynand Theunissen Masked

You should try getting pcmcia-cs-3.1.17 and the wavelan2_cs_BETA6.01 package. 

Compiled and installed fine for me.

In the network.opts you can allocate IP's according to the cards hardware address (Its in the HOWTO)... the problem is the wavelan2_cs needs to be installed with the network_name option. You can't seem to do that afterwards. Might be able to do it with iwconfig afterwards but its not a very clean solution.

I'm trying to setup these machines as routers .... and this is causing a major problem for me at the moment. 

Does anyone know if you can move the network_name to the wireless.opts file ?

Wynand Theunissen

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