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None No interrupt routing table

Re: Question same problems on single processor (Douglas S. J. De Couto)
Date: 2000, Jul 17
From: David Hinds <>

> No PCI interrupt routing table was found.

Well, that's bad.  That means we don't know which PCI devices are
connected to which PCI interrupt (PIRQ) pins:

> Interrupt router at 00:07.0: Intel 82371SB PIIX3 PCI-to-ISA bridge
>   PIRQ1 (link 0x60): unrouted
>   PIRQ2 (link 0x61): irq 10
>   PIRQ3 (link 0x62): irq 11
>   PIRQ4 (link 0x63): unrouted

What I would do is to first try setting:


and see if that works.  If not, try 11,11.  If that also fails, then
try moving the adapter to another PCI bus slot and repeat the tests.

-- Dave

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