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Question I think I spoke too soon 

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Re: Question Help getting Webgear Aviator 2.4 working under linux (Robert Lowery)
Date: 2000, Jul 13
From: Robert Lowery reddwarf

I'm getting tired of talking to myself here ;)

I am now running 3.1.17 and the ray_cs driver loads fine. I could not notice anything that stuck out in the diffs for 3.1.18, so there is either a bug in there, or something has changed. I will try 3.1.18 again tomorrow (it is now 2am in Australia).

I seem to have created more problems for myself however, as during my trying to get it all working, I upgraded the firmware on the cards to the latest version on Webgears web site.

So now even though the linux driver seems to load ok, I cannot communicate with the win 98 machines (running the new driver compatible with the new version 5 firmware)

Previously when I was using the old driver/version 4 firmware I was using translate=0 country=0 psm=0 successfully

With the new driver I have unsuccessfully tried various combinations of the above mixed with translate=1, country=8 (Australia), psm=1 (matched with the corresponding setting in Win98 of course)

Has anyone had any success with the new firmware on Linux/Windows? Does the linux driver support it?

Time for sleep


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