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Question Lucent WaveLAN IEEE in ISA PCMCIA Brigde hangs on FTP downloads 

Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Feb 18
From: Gerald Richter richter


I have an Lucent WaveLan IEEE Turbo Card and have troube when makeing FTP downloads, while ping works without problems. Also FTP uploads works without problems. So it seems to me that there is a problem with receiving large packages.

The currious thing is that I have two Linux boxes. On one box it works in both directions on the other I get the trouble, also both have an identical software and configuration. Only the hardware differs slitly.

Software is Linux 2.2.13, pcmcia-cs-3.1.10
Hardware is on both boxes Intel BX chipset and VADEM VG 469 ISA to PCMCIA brigde.

I have tried various things with different irqs, setting irqs to ISA in the bios, but nothing helps. I also have tried to lower down the MTU size and exchanges the isa and pcmcia boards to exclude a hardware failiure.

Any ideas where to search?



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