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None RE: News: new Wavelan IEEE driver & debugging 

Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Re: Question Lucent WaveLAN IEEE in ISA PCMCIA Brigde hangs on FTP downloads (Gerald Richter)
Re: News new Wavelan IEEE driver & debugging (Jean Tourrilhes)
Date: 2000, Feb 28
From: Gerald Richter richter

>         A few comments...
>         Debugging :
>         The first thing is to really pin-point the fault on
> the Wavelan. I'm sorry, FTP is not a good enough test, because
> it test the file system as well. For example, in 2.3.47, I
> can't run FTP because the file system is ****.
>         I recommend you to fetch netperf and run it for a
> while. Then we can accuse the Wavelan.

I don't found netperf on the net, but it's surely not an ftp problem. FTP
works via ethernet (some files, some hosts). I get the same problem with an
HTTP Request which is just printed to stdout...

>         Solving :
>         If my memory serves me correctly, 2.2.14 did fix some
> file system issues. You may want to upgrade.

2.2.14 is still beta, I will do as soon as it is out.

>         The most likely cause of trouble is of course the
> wvlan_cs driver. Andy is about to release a new version, and
> he has dramatically improved the handling of IRQs. This might
> fix your problem.

I think I wait for new driver.

>         You may also want to check the system logs. Of course,
> in case of a hang, it's likely that the important message
> won't have been flushed to the disk.

I really checked out everything. Nothing in the syslog, even not if I
compile and run with debug on.

Thanks for your help


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