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Feedback No luck... Where can I get details about the WaveLAN? 

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Re: None wvlan_cs fails on startup with "Resource temporarily unavailable" (Bob Cook)
Re: More does HCF_ERR_NO_NIC mean bad hardware? (Bob Cook)
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Date: 2000, Jul 28
From: Bob Cook bcook

I've tried fiddling around with various ioport and interrupt combinations and nothing seems to help this problem.

I definitely can see that the driver is unable to read data from the wavelan card although it appears that the ISA->PCMCIA bridge is working (card identity is known, insert/remove events are registering). This is probably some sort of issue with bus timings on my crappy old h/w; of course I know nothing about this sort of stuff but I guess I'll get my hands dirty as I go (advice appreciated).

This theory is sort of confirmed via my earlier attempts at using the Lucent binary driver (wavelan2_cs). It would complain about events not occuring within a specific time. Unfortunately I don't have the exact error message text and since its only a binary driver (and I can't hack on it very easily) its hard to want to spend any more time with it.

I need to get a data sheet or other docs that describes programming the WaveLAN IEEE. I've been unable to find one but I'm *sure* there must be one available.

I'll also need some information about how the ISA->PCMCIA bridge works; I guess this is wrapped up in the i82365.c file somewhere?

Is there anyone else having similar problems with the WaveLAN IEEE card using an ISA->PCMCIA bridge? Maybe we can pool information to figure out why it works for everyone else but us... :^)

Any hints on hacking the wvlan_cs driver? Don't be shy, please pass them along.

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More On Andy's page...

Re: Feedback No luck... Where can I get details about the WaveLAN? (Bob Cook)
Date: 2000, Jul 29
From: Jean Tourrilhes jt


  I can understand your frustration. It seem that the Pcmcia adapter from Lucent are a big source of trouble, we have many instance of them not working the way they should under Linux or Windows.
  For the spec of Pcmcia, I would start in the Pcmcia Howto.

  For the spec of the Wavelan, Lucent has published a very short document. It's almost useless, and looking in the driver is uselly more useful, anyway it's on Andy's page :

  Now, if you are hacking the driver, you may want to synchronise with the others doing it, in particular Harald and Benjamin. Check details on my web page :

  Good luck !


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No luck... Where can I get details about the WaveLAN?

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