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Re: More On Andy's page... (Jean Tourrilhes)
Date: 2000, Jul 29
From: Bob Cook bcook

> I can understand your frustration. It seem that the
> Pcmcia adapter from Lucent are a big source of trouble,
> we have many instance of them not working the way they
> should under Linux or Windows.

Do you mean to say that the ISA->PCMCIA boards are faulty? Or did you mean that the current versions of the driver(s) have difficulty with these boards?

Can you recommend a better ISA->PCMICA board? This one was not very expensive and I'd be happy to spend money for one that would work...

> Now, if you are hacking the driver, you may want to
> synchronise with the others doing it, in particular
> Harald and Benjamin. Check details on my web page :
> ttp://
> Wavelan-IEEE.html

Will do. Thanks for putting together a very good web page on this subject!

> Good luck !

Thanks, looks like I'll need it. :^)

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