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Question Problems with Lucent Wavelan IEEE and IPv6 

Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Aug 03
From: Antti Tuominen antti


Has anyone got a working Wavelan IEEE and IPv6? I just set up a system where I have to nodes with Lucent cards (with Andreas Neuhaus's driver v1.0.1) in ad-hoc mode. I have perfectly functioning IPv4 connection between the two, but when I try using IPv6 over the link nothing works.

The sending node is trying to do neighbour discovery but the receiving end never sees the packets. IPv6 ND uses special 33:33:xx:xx:xx:xx (where xx:xx:xx:xx is ff and last 3 octets of the IPv6 address) multicast MAC address and I was wondering if this might be the cause.

I've read the driver source and seems like the card has a hardware filter for multicast addresses but when put into either ALLMULTI or PROMISC mode it should receive all multicast packets regardless. I tried both and used ethereal packet analyzer to see where the packets are lost. Well, all I can see is that the packets seem to leave successfully sending node's wvlan0 interface. On the other end all I see is IPv4 packets from other nodes but no IPv6 packets.

If anyone has a clue what is wrong, please do tell. Thanks.

- Antti Tuominen

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