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Sad Ad-Hoc mode 

Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Re: Question Windows-2-Linux communication problems (Andrew Fernandes)
Date: 2000, Aug 08
From: Jean Tourrilhes jt


  As far as I know, in Ad-Hoc mode the Windows driver force the usage of channel 3 (2.422 GHz) and doesn't use the ESSID at all (or it use to be that way).
  So, could you try to set the Wavelan on this channel ?

  Other things that may matter :
  The firmware 6.06 and windows driver 6.14 are supposed to have "improved ad-hoc networking". That may be a source of incompatibilities, so you may want to downgrade your Windows and card setup to earlier version.
  Some firmware release of the Wavelan don't like tcpdump.
  Try Linux-Linux communications if you can, that may tell you were the trouble is.


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