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Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Re: Idea wvlan_cs PPC port/patches (David D. Johnson)
Re: None Sounds great to me... (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Aug 09
From: Jean Tourrilhes jt


  Andy seems to be very busy, and I don't think that he will do much Wavelan IEEE hacking in the future.
  Moreover, Harrald has a fully functional PPC patch on his web page that has been extensively tested. That would be the patch that I would prefer in the Pcmcia package.
  He has also a patch for the Pcmcia package that you may want to look into (if you have not already done it). And he has a better version of the wvlan_cs patch, but experimental.
  See :
  I suggested Harrald to become the new wvlan_cs maintainer, I got no answer from him yet, but maybe you want to contact him directly.
  I also did an update of the Howto, with 2 new drivers (Airport, Samsung) and minor changes there and there.


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