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Question wavelan turbo 11 mb will not answer ioctl calls 

Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Aug 13
From: Mathieu Lacage mathieu

hi all, 

I have been trying to get my wavelan card for a few 
days now but could not suceed.
I have kernel 2.2.14 patched ext3 and pcmcia-cs-something-19

Ok, so, the card is recognized by the pcmcia servuices (2 
high beeps). It even works at work: there is a small mac 
who has an airport and the card seems to be configured by 
default to work with this kind of network. So, pump -i wvlan0
works there because it can talk to the airport which assigns
my card an IP address. I can then ping the netwrok.

The pb is that my real network uses another set of settings
and I want to specify them through the wireless-tools package
They seem to create a socket and expect the card to be behind
this socket. They make ioctl calls to the socket, obviously
expecting the driver's ioctl callback to answer.

The point is that the driver's ioctl callback is NEVER called 
(I enabled debugging and even added some of mine). The open
callbacks of the driver are however called (debugging says so)
I have traced the driver behaviour till the attach call but
could not go further. Any idea to help me figure out why his
f*** ioctl stuff is not called ?


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