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Forum: PCMCIA Wireless Network Adapter Issues
Re: Question Receive interrupt does not seem to be incrementing properly (Richard Smith)
Re: None Some context would help (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Aug 15
From: Richard A. Smith smithbone

On Tue, 15 Aug 2000 09:59:48 -0700, David Hinds wrote:

>That isn't the exact message, and the rest of the output would be

Yeah.. I tried to wing it from memory. Should have mentioned that. Sorry.

>useful, but my guess is what it means is that you are using a wireless
>network card in a PCI host adapter in a desktop system and you haven't
>specified the right startup options to configure the adapter to use
>PCI interrupts.
>But without more context, that's just a guess.

My bad... I should know better. I was in the middle messing with various PNP bios 
settings and didn't prepare well enough.
I am using a RayLink wireless card with the adapter that came with it. But it's 
not PCI. That would probally work.  It's an ISA PNP adapter using the Ricoh 
RF5C296 bridge.

All appears to go without problems until I actually try to use the cards.  They 
both start networks when one should start and one should join.  (FWIW I can't get 
them to work under windows either)  Data on Cory's page and other web sources say 
that this is either a card failure or some sort of receive problem where the card 
dosen't get any data thus it starts a new network.

So far nothing in the debug level 5 output from ray_cs shows anything to be 

When I found the network script and it mentioned RX seeming to have a problem I 
started to look at my IRQs'.  (I am in the middle of installing isapnptools now 
to see if I can find any more info)

Here's the output from test_network:  (more or less I am retyping)


PCMCIA network settings are coming from /etc/pcmcia/network.opts

Checking network itnterface eth1 (ray_cs driver)

Kernel messages for eth1:
eth1:  RayLink, irq 5, hw_addr 00:00:8f:48:e3:03

current ifconfig setting
all pretty much std..
zeros on all the  RX, TX, etc stats:
Interrupt 5

The interface is configured and running
There hasn't been any traffic on this interface

There is a route to a gateway at

Pinging response received!
The device interrupt does not seem to be incrementing normally.


Richard A. Smith                         Bitworks, Inc.                     501.846.5777                        
Sr. Design Engineer   

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