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None Re: Not sure if it is an interrupt issue; gateway set wrong? 

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Re: None Not sure if it is an interrupt issue; gateway set wrong? (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Aug 15
From: Richard A. Smith smithbone

On Tue, 15 Aug 2000 11:53:06 -0700, David Hinds wrote:

>Does /proc/interrupts show a non-zero interrupt count for the card?
>If the count is 0, then try using a different irq (by excluding things
>in /etc/pcmcia/config.opts).

Yeah it shows 107 interrupts.

>> There is a route to a gateway at
>There's something wrong with your network settings and this is
>confusing the script.  Your gateway address seems to be the same as
>your own IP address, which doesn't make any sense.

Oh... DUH!.. ID10T error. Of course...Man I can't believe I missed that.. yesh.. 
rookie mistake.

I didn't scrutinize the settings hard enough.  I guess I should note that I was 
just taking the default settings. Everything but the IP is preset in the 
network.opts so I just made the IP match the already pre-configured settings.  For 
my app (a private wireless net) at first glance they appeared to be perfect.

>In this context, I think this doesn't mean anything: it thinks it is
>pinging your gateway, but it is pinging the box itself, which doesn't
>cause any packets to go out through the card.  So it won't produce any

Yeah.. thats exactly whats happening...  Crap that means I still dont have a clue 
why the cards don't talk..

>I'll add a test to the script to complain if the gateway address is
>the same as the IP address.

Glad to help *grin*  Whats that quote? Something about... no amount of idiot 
proofing is good enough for a sufficiently powered idiot.

Richard A. Smith                         Bitworks, Inc.                     501.846.5777                        
Sr. Design Engineer   

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