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None Raylink problem solved.. 

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Date: 2000, Aug 15
From: Richard A. Smith smithbone

I'm a talking now...

Turned out to be a good old fashioned hardware failure.  I got 2 new cards in 
about an hour ago and it was truly plug and play.

Further investagation led to finding that one of the orginal pair I have just 
dosn't work.  Looks like it works... the drivers think it works.. But something 
in the chain is broke..

This is kinda scary for me because the card worked when we originally received 
them. I am useing the card in a custom OEM application of mine where I am talking 
to it via a TI 5402 DSP.  Thus I am in the process of writeing a custom driver 
for it.  I am worried that in that process I may have done something that gacked 
the card.  If so then it was a serious gack because I re-programmed the firmware 
on the card to make sure I hadn't done that.

Oh well back to hacking.. Perhaps I can keep from breaking my new cards.

Thanks Dave for your your help.

One quick question.. In the process of all this I installed like 3 different 
pcmcia-cs versions and a couple of ray_cs driver versions all multiple times.  

Whenever I do a make install it seems that all the configuration files have write 
permissions cleared.  Doing an install over an existing install will silently 
fail to update all the settings in /etc/init.d (I use debian) and /etc/pcmcia.  

This can lead to some very confusing problems.  As such I had to do a chmod +w 
every time I changed things and then double check all the settings to make sure I 
didn't miss one.  It was quite annoying.

Are the files marked read only for a reason or is something strange about my 

Richard A. Smith                         Bitworks, Inc.                     501.846.5777                        
Sr. Design Engineer   

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