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Question RBEM56G asymmetrical transfer speeds 

Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Date: 1999, Nov 08
From: Ron Golan rgolan

In doing some testing I found that the Xircom RBEM56G is much slower in receiving than in sending.

RX (ftp get) 3610159 bytes received in 13.8 secs (2.6e+02 Kbytes/sec)

TX (ftp put) 3610159 bytes received in 0.57 secs (6.2e+03 Kbytes/sec)

The test is done with command line ftp between a DEC HiNote VP765 and a fast desktop machine connected by a 10/100 switch. The connections are 100baseTX and full duplex. I'm using Red Hat 6.0 with 2.2.13 kernels at both ends. The difference in speed is about 24 times! I am going to repeat the test with a cross-over cable to eliminate problems with the switch.

Is anyone else with this Xircom card getting good receive performance?

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1. More Further testing on RBEM56G by Ron Golan, 1999, Nov 15
(_ Note Sorry, that was 3.1.4, not 3.1.14 by Ron Golan, 1999, Nov 15

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