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Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Re: Sad RBEM56G-100BTX on HP Omnibook 4150 (Hester Van Rooyen)
Date: 2000, Aug 11
From: Hester Van Rooyen hester

I managed to install the 3.1.19 PCMCIA drivers, not sure what went wrong the first time.

Some corrections to my previous messages:

 - the kmem_grow message sometimes appear with a successful boot as well, seems to be unrelated 
 - the missing block-major-22 is related to removing the CD-ROM module.

I experimented with various driver revisions and found the following:

(i) 3.1.8: I can boot successfully with I/O ports in the range 0x300-0x4ff (uses 0x400-0x47f, 0x480-0x487) or 0x200-0x4ff (uses 0x200-0x27f, 0x280-0x287). When allowing the range 0x100-0x4ff, it usually hangs, but uses 0x200-0x27f, 0x280-0x287 when successful. Network is active after boot and works fine.

(ii) 3.1.19 without pnp: similar to above, but network is always inactive after boot.

(iii) 3.1.19 with pnp: It seems to always use I/O port range 0x1000-0x1087 and differnet IRQs from the other two revisions. However, the network is also inactive after boot. I never had it hung.

I am sending mail with some attachments to David which I hope will be useful. I will for now settle for 3.1.8 with restricted ports, maybe experiment more later-on.

Hester van Rooyen

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