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Re: Question No network using Xircom RBEM56G-100 (Stuart Pedler)
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Date: 2000, Sep 13
From: Sven Höfer sven


i've a similiar problem with my rbem-56g100.

because i have to use some windows-software in my lab i reboot
often my laptop to switch between windows98 and linux (2.2.16
and pcmcia 3.1.20). everytime i had a problem to recognize the
network after a reboot from windows. 
the logs showed that network and route service failed but 
network looked ok. the route service wasn't started. after two 
(!) reboots everything is ok and i can work without problems
with network and modem (independent from further reboots of
linux). one boot of windows is enough to destroy this behavior!

some restarts from network and route should solve this
problem: at the moment i have a script which restarts two
times the network service and then it starts the route service
and everything is fine.

the network script is from suse linux and interweaved with 
other system scripts. my next goal is to find the thing what 
changes the behavior.

i have no experience with the pcmcia bus but it's strange for 
me that some things can survive a cold reboot (init of pcmcia 
bus from windows?).


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