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Question eth0 TIMED OUT with RBEM56G 

Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Date: 1999, Dec 04
From: Jean-Pierre Hermand jph

Tecra8000/kernel 2.2.13/pcmcia 3.1.2

I am reposting this message because he was misplaced.

Any idea why eth0 timed out (TX hung) when using SIMULTANEOUSLY 10 Mbit ethernet and modem-emulated ISDN with a ipmasq (ipchains) setup?

Problems also occur with extensive pinging home lan meanwhile connected to ISP via PPP.

The Xircom RBEM56G is assigned irq 10.

I saw a few messages in the old forums about eth0 timed out but nobody ever replied to these messages.

Now in the new forum I can see that there are again questions on related problems.

Does anybody ever succeed to use both functions of this card simultaneously??? My experience is that both functions can work for a while but eventually the ethernet will fail. Then a ifconfig eth0 stop/start cycle will usually (but not always) restores operation.

Another question: How can we force a specific interrupt for CARDBUS drivers. Looking at the drivers code it does not seem to be an option.


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1. None It's a limitation of the current driver by David Hinds, 1999, Dec 30

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