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None Intel EtherExpress Pro/100 Mobile 16-bit | kernel 2.2.13 | cardctl 3.1.3 

Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Date: 1999, Dec 22
From: Fuzz

Hi.  Newbie here.  I'm having a problem getting my Intel
EtherExpress 100/Pro 16-bit PCMCIA NIC to work under
SuSE 6.3.

System details:
kernel: 2.2.13
cardctl: 3.1.3
box: IBM ThinkPad 600 2645 41U

Relevant log messages:
kernel: eth0: auto negotiation failed, using 10mbs

Card is recognized and apparently set up properly (two
happy beeps).  In ifconfig I can see the card's correct
MAC address and IP address I've assigned.  However, I have
no link light on the dongle, though I do get one on the hub.  
I can use ifport to change back and forth from 10M to 100M
with apparent success.  Meaning when attached to my cheapie
10M Linksys hub I get a link light on the hub at 10M and when
I use ifport to change to 100M I get wild blinking and
collisions that stop when I switch back to 10M.  When plugged
into my Catalyst 3000, I get a link light on the Cat when
the card is set to 10M, no link light when I change the card
to 100M and the link light returns when I change the setting
on the card back to 10M.  The Catalyst 3000 is a 10M switch.
At no time does the link light (or any light) on the dongle
light up.  When I try to ping another box, no joy, not even
any activity on the wire.  I am able to ping my own IP
address, as well as the loopback address.

I do see that there's a known issue with some cards using
the xirc2ps_cs driver not auto-negotiating properly.  I also
realize I'm not using the most up-to-date cardctl.  I have
downloaded the latest version and I'm willing to take the rest
of the day to figure out how to compile and install, but if
I'm just going to be beating my head against the wall I have
other things more worthy of my time.

Any suggestions?


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1. None A driver upgrade would be in order by David Hinds, 1999, Dec 22
(_ None That did the trick, thanks. by, 1999, Dec 22

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