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Warning I'm determined to get this thing working... 

Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Re: More IBM CardBus EtherJet saga continues.. (Paul Kronenwetter)
Date: 1999, Dec 18
From: Paul Kronenwetter kronenpj


  I'm feeling more determined to make this EtherJet Cardbus thingy work.  I'm getting tired of being trapped in Gates' World (tm).

  Unfortunately since the later 3.1.x versions have progressed, the card's performance went down hill.  I believe it can be made to work, I just don't have the background to do much with it. So...

  What can I do, where can I look, (etc) to help debug this thing? Should I be E-mailing Mr. Becker or is the tulip_cb source too out-of-sync?  Should I try anyway?

Please help! Windows is really bad! Help!


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