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None Maybe a config file problem, and maybe a PPP specific problem 

Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Re: None Problems with RBEM56G-100BTX Cardbus combo card (Jeff Key)
Date: 2000, Mar 16
From: David Hinds <>

For the first part of your problem, with the network card: check the
PCMCIA-HOWTO notes about Red Hat (and Mandrake).  There are some
config file issues when you upgrade the PCMCIA drivers, that may
prevent the drivers from automatically configuring a network card.

For the modem, this really sounds like a PPP configuration issue and
not a PCMCIA issue.  My guess is that the active network interface
(which probably includes a default route pointing to eth0) is not
cooperating with the new PPP device.  It is really hard to tell if
there is a driver problem using PPP: there are so many PPP specific
things that could be wrong.

If you want to diagnose whether the problem is with the modem or with
PPP, try to make a connection using a simple terminal program like
minicom.  If that works, then PPP is the problem, and the PPP-HOWTO
might be a good place to look.

-- Dave

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