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Sad RBEM56G-100BTX w/ RedHat Linux 6.2 

Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, May 13
From: Mark Ambrose <>

Hello...there seems to be a lot of problems with this card but
I thought I would throw a new problem in that I can't see has
happened before.

I have downloaded the latest pcmcia package from the 
sourceforge FTP site..(May 12 release) and installed it.
My modem and ethernet worked fine...even with multiple WARM
reboots. However, after a COLD startup, Linux failed to boot
as soon as it started the PCMCIA services. It said "OK"..then
it seemed to get stuck. (this was with the card inserted). I 
then COLD rebooted without the card in and everything loaded
fine. When I was in, I restarted PCMCIA services and inserted 
the card...there was 1 beep and the system froze...I couldn't
do anything except turn it off.

My system is an HP OmniBook 4150 PIII 650MHz..

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks, Mark

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