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Question Problem with Xircom CE3-100BTX 

Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, May 19
From: Ralf Boettger perabo

Hi everybody,

I just bought a used Xircom Credit-Card 10/100 Ethernet
(CE3B-100BTX) and I have problems with this card under
Linux. Using the card with Windows 98 makes no problems, 
10MBit-Lan with Hub, 100Mbit with a cross-over-cable, 
everything works fine and I think there is no problem with
the card itself.

I have the following problem:card is recognized under Linux,
the right driver is loaded (xirc2ps_cs), IRQ/IO/Memory are OK 
and there are no conflicts with other hardware, the interface
eth0 is set up right, routing is built up, everything looks fine and OK.
The Xircom-Cable has 2 LEDs, in 10MBit-Mode one LED is 
shining green (with 10MBit the notebook is connected to a
hub), making a ping to another computer resulting to a short
shining of the yellow LED of the card. So, everything is OK
as it should be.
BUT: the hub never receives anything from the credit-card,
even the LED at the hub for the notebook-cable is not shining.
I.e. for the hub the notebook is not connected and no signal
is coming to the hub. I tried everything: different IRQs, IOs,
Memory-settings, nothing helps. Output of the various tools
(cardctl, cardmgr, ifconfig) is correct, I can't find any
error, even in the system-log no failure is shown.
I tried to use a cross-over-cable, same behaviour, card is
recognized and initialised,network is built up correctly, ping
works, the LED is shining yellow for a short time, but the
other computer gets nothing.
My configuration:
 - SuSE 6.4 with Kernel 2.2.14
 - pcmcia 3.1.14
Is there anybody making similiar experiences and maybe having
a solution ?!?! I have absolutely no idea what the problem is
and I am very grateful about every hint. Unfortunately I
have no possibility to put the system log today, but maybe
somebody have a hint for me.
Bye, Ralf.

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