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Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Re: Question Problem with Xircom CE3-100BTX (Ralf Boettger)
Date: 2000, May 22
From: Ralf Boettger perabo

today I borrow another Xircom-Card from my
company (a CEM33, 10Mbit Ethernet plus 33.6 
Modem), put it into my Notebook (no changing
of the configuration) and it is running without 
Result: The configuration of notebook and xircom-
            device is allright.
But now it is going heavy: The CE3-10/100 has 3 
connectors (2 x 16 Bit connector and one 2-Pin-
Connector). I got my CE3-100BTX with an LAN-
Adapter using all of the 3 connectors and with
that adapter the card is not running.
The card of my company has an adapter using only
the 16 Bit connector left of the card. Using the company-
adapter with my CE3-100BTX lead to a running card !!!!
Only 10Mbit speed, but better than nothing.
Now I have several questions:
- What is the function of the adapter, especially
  of the 3 connectors ?!?!
- Has Linux a problem with the 3 connectors or
  the adapter ?
- Is my adapter with 3 connectors defect ?
Has anybody made similiar experiences ?
Kind regards, Ralf

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