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Ok Solution for CE3B-100BTX :-) 

Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Re: Question Problem with Xircom CE3-100BTX (Ralf Boettger)
Date: 2000, May 24
From: Thomas Nielsen thomanie


Found a website describing who to modify the xirc2ps_cs driver to work with the CE3B-100BTX card. I implemented the (small!) change to the driver and recompiled it. Worked like magic :-)

Running RH6.1 on Compaq LTE 4/75CX, kernel 2.2.12-20 and pcmcia-cs-3.0.14 (from RH6.1).

Solution described at:


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1. None I think your problem was different and already fixed by David Hinds, 2000, May 24
(_ Feedback Patch is not working with my card by Ralf Boettger, 2000, May 25
1. Feedback label on card by Thomas Nielsen, 2000, May 25
2. None Re: Feedback: Patch is not working with my card by David Hinds, 2000, May 25

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