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Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Re: Question RBEM100-56 and 3.0.14 compared to 3.1.x driver (Uwe Hahn)
Date: 2000, Jun 05
From: Bas van der Linden JanJoost

I have rougly the same experience.

I had my Xircom RBEM-56G-100 working nicely under 
RH 5.1, running 2.0.36 and pcmcia-3.0.14. Everything worked,
both 10 and 100 MBit, as well as the 56K modem. I even managed
to poke some friends' eyes out with my setup :)

Then I upgraded to Mandrake 7.02, with a custom 2.2.14 kernel,
and patched pcmcia-3.1.14 in. That worked, but only for a
short period of time.

When downloading a big file (my homedir.tar wich is rougly 600
megabytes) onto my laptop I got these errors in

kernel: tulip.c: outl_CSR6 too many attempts,csr5=0x600e8002

And after a while (after downloading 100-200 megabytes) the
download would stop and had to be restarted with an ifdown;

And the modem refused to work, to even be initialised.

I haven't done anything with /etc/pcmcia/config.opts, because
the settings I had on my old setup (standard config, with
enlarged window) worked nicely.

I then downgraded to pcmcia-3.0.14 and upgraded the kernel to
2.2.15, wich produces the same errors in /var/log/messages.
However, the card doesn't seem to stall after a while. 
But the modem still refuses to work.

I understand that there are a whole lot of issues to be solved
with this card for it to work properly.

David: if you read this, tell me what information I can give
you concerning my card, apart from actually sending it to you

I don't mind fsck-ing up my setup, as I currently have another
setup on my laptop wich allows for this card to work, so if
you want me to run software wich can crash my computer / eat
my /, that's fine with me. As long as you get the information
you want :)

Is there any way I can check the internal revision level of
this card?

Oh: and thanks for all the work so far!


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