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Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Re: Question Can anyone advise a newbie on getting RBEN56G working ? (Gordon Licence)
Re: Ok Newbie advise for Xircom RBEM56G (Alberto Gonzalez Palomo)
Date: 2000, Jun 12
From: Vincent Nijs Vincent

I have almost the same set-up as Gordon does. I have gotten the modem to work but haven't been able use the network card.

A question to alberto. Does SUSE 6.4 recognize your card as a CBEM or an RBEM card and would that make any difference?

My card is recognized (after playing around a bit) as a CBEM (instead of an RBEM). Could you please tell how i can be sure that not getting a connection is due to the card and not due to doing something wrong with the IP numbers etc.



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