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Sad Xircom CE3-10/100 Issue... 

Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Jun 11
From: Heffer Heffer

I've been working on this for a week now and still no luck.
I'm using a Compaq LTE Elite 4/40CX Laptop (old school :) with
a Xircom CE3-10/100 Ethernet card. I've been trying everything
I can to get it working because my laptop has no cdrom, and I
can't upgrade to RedHat 6.1 from 5.0 without doing it between
the laptop and my desktop. Using a PCMCIA boot disk failed to
work, the lights on the PCMCIA to RJ45 connector were on and
flashing, but the HUB lights wern't, and no communcication
was making it to my other machines. I decided that I would
try to locate the problem by attempting to network the laptop
with 5.0 on it to my other machines. I've overcome most
obsticles involving memory problems (resulting in reboots on
card insertion), and some other issue where I got a high beep
low beep pattern on card insertion. Now it all seems ok, the
card goes in, there are 2 high tone beeps, the network.opts
file is run, and eth0 appears (when checked with ifconfig)
and it has the correct gateway, ip, and netmask all set up.
I'm not sure what broadcast is so i set it to the value my
other boxes use. Since I'm using Redhat 5.0, I don't have any
fancy tools like linuxconf to do it all for me, and hence
im not 100% (altho I am 99%), sure that I've performed all the
necessary tasks to set up a network manually. Everything seems
to be perfect. When I ping another box however, the converter
lights flash again, and theres no response on the HUB, and
it silently fails. Just like the boot disk. Any ideas? Thanks.

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