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Question Even after Suspend/Resume? 

Forum: Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Re: News Xircom CardBus CBEM56G 10/100 is working now...!!!!!!! (Nicolas Scheffer)
Date: 2000, Jul 10
From: Andrew Pickin <>

I'm having problems with my CEM56 & REM56.

Both of these cards work 10 & 100.
But after closing the lid and then resuming, the cards fail to auto-negociate.
I have to eject and re-insert the card in order to re-establish connection.

I believe that this is a problem with the memory area known as MII.
Unfortunately the spec which Xircom have made public mentions this area only in passing.

Have mailed Xircom twice now requesting information about how this area is initialised but have received no response.

Has anyone managed to get either of these cards to re-negociate 100 BaseT after a resumne event?
Or does anyone have info on how MII in initialise or how to get this info out of Xircom?


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